I’d like to thank you for your interest in TOTAL HOME SERVICE SWF~A ONE STOP SHOP PLACE TO GO. We would like the opportunity to meet your home service needs that include: home watch, renovations, handyman, buy, sell, lease, or rent to meet your personalized requests in providing excellent and competent service.

Our TEAM has been providing Home Services for over thirty years and are now bringing the business under one roof~ TOTAL HOME SERVICE SWF~A ONE STOP SHOP PLACE TO GO. We provide detailed and dedicated Home Watch Services, Handyman Maintenance, and, Buying, Selling, Renting, and Leasing. We are Highly Efficient and are Highly recommended by our customers in Marco Island, Naples, and Fiddler's Creek in the state of Florida. 

TOTAL HOME SERVICE SWF provides detailed home checks which include: minor issues, leaks in roof, leaks in toilet, battery failing smoke detectors, batteries, air conditioning issues, mildew, water leaks, and any other home issue that arises to keep your home SAFE AND SECURE. Our TEAM uses a equipment and devices to check every wall of every room to spot stains that would indicate water intrusion. We carry hygrometers, which measures the actual temperature and humidity levels in the home to make sure they are balanced. In addition to the hygrometer, we use an infrared thermometer to measure the temperature the air is blowing from the vents to detect possible issues with an air conditioning unit. We complete a detailed checklist and send our customer a copy of the report almost immediately after the home check list that has been completed.

The cost for this service depends on the frequency of the visits and the size of the home or property. All fees are billed at the first of the month for services requested. TOTAL HOME SERVICE SWF is a month-by-month service billing that can be suspended at any time if payment is not provided.

In addition to our home monitoring service, we provide HomeWatch Services, handyman maintenance, vendor access, renovations of room(s). We are your One Stop Shop Place to Go to provide customers with a complete Home Service Package. We look forward in hearing from you. Thank you again, and have a great day!

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