Total Home Service SWF (South West Florida)


Homeowners receive the professional and personalized service that is TRUSTWORTHY, RELIABLE, COMPETENT, AND EFFICIENT. Total Home Service SWF is customer friendly and customer effective in providing estimates, getting work completed in a timely manner, and meeting the completion of every job with high recommendations. Our TEAM has been in business serving South West Florida(SWF) and other regions for over thirty years. We have now brought our services under one roof—ONE STOP SHOP PLACE TO GO to provide our customers with the care and service they want. Total Home Service SWF can provide many services that include: Home Watch, Handyman,Renovations, and Home Services (Buy, Sell, Rent, and Lease). Our TEAM is LICENSED AND INSURED, as it has been for over thirty years. We have just brought services together under ONE ROOF, based on our customers’ requests. Our TEAM can repair, fix, maintain, renovate, build, buy, sell, rent, and lease any type of home service and that is why WE ARE TOTAL HOME SERVICE OF SWF~A ONE STOP SHOP PLACE TO GO—HIRE US.


Total Home Service SWF establishes, protects and maintains the highest level of professional standards, honesty, and competence. Our personnel members are friendly, honest, and competent.We are your Home Professionals providing a One-Stop-Shop for convenience and excellent service. 


Total Home Service SWF meets individual customer to repair, maintain, renovate, home-watch, sell, rent, buy or lease a home, condominium, or apartment. We have a full team of reliable and honest professionals to meet your home service needs.

Total Home Service SWF National Standards, Local Owners

Total Home Service SWF has strong ethics, trustworthiness, and high service standards. We’ve been in business for over 30 years which shows our commitment and home service in a friendly manner with high recommendations, not only in Florida, but in many other states.

Whole Home Improvement Team

Total Home Service SWF can provide service to meet our customer’s satisfaction in small, large, or total home building. Our TEAM completes large, small, and total renovations, as we have a TEAM experts giving you the BEST PRICES. Our highly skilled and competent personnel provide many home services that extend to services for: Handyman, Home-Watch, Building, Renovating, Buying, Selling, Renting, or Leasing Property. Our TEAM has a record of providing excellent service in a professional and customer-friendly manner. 

Professionalism and Live Calling~Texting~and Timely Service Return Calls


Customers request a variety of ways to inform our TEAM of Service Requests so we provide access for email, live chatting, texting, phone calls, and even face-to-face conversations. Our call of excellence to our customers strives to answer and return every single phone call in a TIMELY MANNER. Appointments are made to provide accurate and systematic estimates to meet your INDIVIDUAL HOME SERVICE NEEDS.


  1. Be on time

  2. Meet your emergency home needs.

  3. Ensure the job is completed and done to meet customer satisfaction.

  4. Provide home services, repairs, renovations, and total home service needs.

  5. Uphold the highest level of quality, workmanship, and mastership of the job.




"I love the professionalism, ethics, and workmanship of Total Home Service SWF . They did the best job ever."

MaryAnne C.

"We Highly Recommend total Home Service SWF SWF. They were efficient and finished everything on time in an efficient manner."


"Total Home Service SWF capital SWF is the best service available to get everything done in a one stop shop. All of their professionals had a license and insurance and provided us with all of the information we requested."

The Lambert’s

"We are thrilled that Total Home Service SWF SWF is a One-Stop-Shop because they have been serving Fiddlers Creek for over 15 years. I would Highly Recommend their team of professionals to anyone for Home Services."

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